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Recently Spotted Launch Effect Sites No. 10

New week, new ideas, new Launch Effect sites! Click on the images to get a closer look.

A fresh new site for a small family-owned smoothie-and-sweets shop in Bon Air, Virginia:

Bon Fruyo - Launch Effect PremiumBon Fruyo - Launch Effect Premium

Visit: http://www.bonfruyo.com

The folks at Creative Control Fest, in Columbus, Ohio, created a clean and simple sign-up page for their inaugural event:

Creative Control Festival - Launch Effect

Visit: http://soulotheory.com/creativecontrol

A request-invite page for “the most creative online writing project ever attempted.” Hats off for coding the animated countdown bar!:

Penpodium - Launch Effect Premium

Visit: http://penpodium.com

The Caterist Chicago invites you to subscribe to a new, cost-effective catering experience:

The Caterist Chicago - Launch Effect Premium

Visit: http://thecateristchicago.com

To get word out about their yearly “Caution Grounds” competition, CrossFit made an easy-to-signup event site by integrating with EventBrite:

CrossFit Caution Grounds - Launch Effect Premium

Visit: http://cautiongrounds.com

Based in Italy, The Foodster Shop promises a creative new way to get gourmet meals delivered to your home:
The Foodster Shop - Launch Effect

Visit: http://thefoodstershop.com

A coming-soon page for a new learning platform for students featuring study tools and tips:The Effective Student - Launch Effect

Flicklist plans to change the way you browse films:

Visit: http://www.theeffectivestudent.com

Flicklist - Launch Effect Premium

Visit: http://flicklist.com

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