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Recently Spotted Launch Effect Sites No. 11

New week, new ideas, new Launch Effect sites! Click on the images to get a closer look.

Needle is an iPhone app that’ll soon allow you to browse, listen, and trade vinyls. Check out the slideshow action:


Visit: http://www.needle.me

R.I.S.E. Worldwide is a youth-empowering non-profit. In their own words: “We’re a catalyst to education, entrepreneurship and generational change. We use mobile community centers to change the status quo of youth and community development.”:

RISE WorldwideVisit: http://www.riseworldwide.org

Great Simians empowers Swedish entrepreneurs and companies to network and launching new startups:

Great SimiansVisit: http://younion.se

Based in Portland, OR, Ahara Rasa Ayurveda is a woman-owned/run business and is the first Ayurvedic medicine supply store in the Pacific Northwest:

AyurvedaVisit: http://www.ahararasa.com

Makespace Madrid is a community that fosters invention and incubates new talent and ideas:

Makespace MadridVisit: http://makespacemadrid.org

A new app for stalking your favorite bands aptly called Bandstalk:

Band Stalk AppSite: http://bandstalkapp.com

HitQuote promises to offer you a more engaging way to find more leads and close more deals:
Hit QuotaVisit: http://hitquota.com

Remember, Launch Effect isn’t just a theme for making quick ‘n dirty landing pages.

The Autism Society of Middle Tennessee used Launch Effect Premium to create a full, content-rich website:

TN Autism

TN AutismVisit: http://www.tnautism.org

travelmooc is an idea that resulted from a final project for the Stanford’s Venture Lab “Designing a New Learning Environment” course. When launched, the new learning platform will give students an option to study outside of their normal classroom and desks:

Travel MoocTravel Mooc Visit: http://www.travelmooc.com

The Bottle Shop has everything that you need on their one-pager: shop name, contact info, address (with a map!). Check it out:

The Bottle Shop

Visit: http://www.bottleshop-mcewen.com

Heh, a quick plug for our forthcoming sister theme, DesignClub Portfolio—a full-screen WordPress theme for image-rich websites. It’s minimal, responsive, completely customizable, and launching soon! Sign up for first dibs and a chance to get 20% off:

DesignCub PortfolioVisit: http://launch.designcub.co

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