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MailChimp Integration Just Got More Integrated!

We’re very pleased to announce new enhancements to our MailChimp API integration! This is available for both free and Premium versions!

Our original integration allowed you to input your MailChimp API key and add emails to your list. Several of you asked us to go one step further and pass along more data. We’ve set things up so that MailChimp can now receive the referral code, number of visits, and number of conversions from Launch Effect. We’ve introduced a “Sync Data” feature that will allow people to keep their MailChimp lists up-to-date with the latest Launch Effect stats. This will come in handy if you want to segment your list to send emails to your top referrers. And you can also use the Merge Tag feature on MailChimp to remind people what their referral code is. Wutcha waiting for? Grab the latest version right now.

Sync Data

Here’s how your list will look in MailChimp after syncing:

Your New MailChimp List

One thing to note: while we’ve tested this functionality like crazy, we’ve decided to keep a “beta” tag on it for now. We’d love to get your feedback and please do not hesitate to report any issues so we can address them.

Happy holidays! More to come in the next couple of weeks!


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