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First Glimpse: Custom Fields Functionality

The ability to add custom form fields has been our most requested feature. That’s why we’re very excited for the upcoming release of Launch Effect Premium which will come with the ability to add additional form fields to your sign-up page and tab.

Here’s a quick teaser of what’s to come:

Custom Field Options

The new Custom Fields options under the Designer tab

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First Glimpse: Launch Effect Premium 2.0X

We’re gearing up to release Launch Effect Premium 2.0X this week. We’ve made a number of significant changes, and you’ll find all new features that allow you to extend the Launch Effect theme beyond a landing page.

Here’s a peek at what the new Launch Effect Settings section looks like:

Launch Effect Settings

The initial view of the Launch Effect Settings page.

We’ve separated out the styling into Global Styles, Sign-up Page and Theme. The Theme is where you can adjust the settings of the pages beyond the sign-up page, whether it’s a static content page or the blog.

The new side navigation under Launch Effect Settings.

Using the “Front page displays” feature under the Reading section of WordPress Settings, you can now choose to start with a page other than the sign-up landing page. We’ve made it possible for you to access Launch Effect’s viral sign-up form through a slide-down tab, so you can do without the landing page altogether.

Here are some examples of what you can do with the new Launch Effect Premium:

Visit Bagan Premium Demo

An example of a new homepage using Launch Effect Premium.

Visit Bagan Sign up

The Launch Effect viral sign-up form exists as a slide-down tab.

Mr. Frugality Demo blog

You can turn your Launch Effect site into a blog with viral newsletter sign-up.

Farm Truck sign-up page

Create the classic Launch Effect landing page with a "learn more" tab on the top right...

Farm Truck Page

...which you can link to a fully-built Launch Effect web page like this one.

We’re very excited about what the new Premium version will allow our users to do. If you are a current premium user and would like to try a pre-release version before it’s officially out, please tweet us and we’ll hook it up. We’re making some tweaks to the admin panel and cleaning up some minor bugs, so once that’s all ready, we’ll put out the official version.

Want to know when the new Premium is out? The best way to stay tuned is to follow us on Twitter or to sign up for our e-newsletter (link up on the nav). Haven’t bought a Premium license yet? What are you waiting for? All Premium license users will have access to the new version upon its release. Buy one today!


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