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Launch Effect is a free WordPress theme that lets you create a viral campaign in minutes. The theme allows the user to customize a landing page that introduces a business, product, or event and prompts visitors to sign up with their email to earn some sort of incentive (beta invite, discount coupon, a gift, etc.). The visitor is then encouraged to share a unique referral link that tracks their friends' sign ups. Conversions are tallied on WordPress, and the user can determine who should receive the incentives.

Launch Effect was created by Barrel, a digital agency in New York. We built a working version in just a few weeks and tried to think of relevant uses. When it came to creating some sample "launch" pages, we realized that our theme could be used by all kinds of businesses, not just tech startups and group buying sites. Restaurants, product companies, spas, boutiques, and events such as galas, dance parties, and movie screenings can all benefit from an easy-to-create viral campaign.

Since August 2011, Launch Effect has over 8,000 downloads of the free version. In December 2011, we released Launch Effect Premium, which extends the theme beyond a landing page and allows users to create fully-featured websites with viral sign-up capabilities.


Launch Effect is a project by Barrel, a digital creative agency in New York. Founded in 2006, Barrel provides web design and development solutions and online marketing expertise to clients in various industries, ranging from clean tech to finance, fashion, education, technology, and more. For more information on Barrel, please visit www.barrelny.com.

Please contact [email protected] for any inquiries.


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